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a software developer doing web, mobile, and desktop projects.

Older projects:
JBidwatcher: Free eBay sniping software
JBidwatcher — Allows you to monitor eBay auctions, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), and otherwise track your eBay experience since 2000. (No longer supported.)
JBidwatcher Screenshot

Easy way for groups to figure out when to get together.
Day Tripper — Powerful web-app for getting a group of users to come up with times when everyone can get together; includes messaging, live updates, and easy sign-on.
Super-easy outlining web application
Outlinr — Outlining software in the style of OmniOutliner, but as a web-app, multi-platform and multi-user.
Hacker's Health
Hacker's Health — Simple weight, blood pressure, heart rate management and graphing web application.
Find all the current discounts on DAZ 3D content
3D Wishlist — Shows all the current discounts on the DAZ 3D content store, allowing you to sort and filter by just what you want. You can also sign up and receive email notifications when items on your wishlist drop in price, a feature DAZ themselves don't offer.
MacBidwatcher — A Mac OS X native version of the JBidwatcher application, behaving more like a typical Mac app.
Small and/or non-UI projects:
  • 2D Toy — Fun little physics toy for iOS using SceneKit.
  • Mobile 3D — 3D scenes for iOS's built-in 3D library.
  • PicLog — Browser plugin & web-app for tracking interesting images online.
  • Alexa Tools — Useful skills for the Amazon Echo speech interface.
  • 3D Wishlist app — Translating DAZ's store to a mobile app.
  • Add Filters — Advanced pattern-matching & filtering for Google Mail.
Older Projects
My JBidwatcher
My JBidwatcher — A web-site extension of the JBidwatcher application, allowing remote control of your desktop JBidwatcher instance, and web-available status information without having to open up your home network or share your eBay password.
Lighthouse Triage
Lighthouse Triage — A simple interface to the Lighthouse API to allow for fast triaging of tickets
Health Hacker Screenshot 1 Health Hacker Screenshot 2
Health Hacker — An iPhone interface to Hacker's Health, or usable standalone, for tracking medications, blood pressure, heart rate and weight.
Aid and tracker for your job-hunt process
WorkFinder — A tool to make tracking jobs and applications to those jobs easier. Written while I was looking for work in 2009.
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