April 29th, 2007

  JBidwatcher 1.0.1 is released


I’ve put up the latest version, 1.0.1 of JBidwatcher.  It’s mainly a bug fix release.  It includes a few new features towards better documentation, error messages, and recognition of eBay states, and a new (still completely optional) approach to the eBay affiliate idea.

One of the important fixes has to do with a wording change; eBay changed ‘You have been outbid’ to ‘You’ve been outbid’, and JBidwatcher didn’t handle the wording change, reporting it as an ‘unknown error’.  Also eBay changed the text on their captcha pages, so JBidwatcher was failing logins for unknown reasons.  Now it should be better at recognizing those situations.

There was a sporadic startup failure when sorting by a currency-based column with unknown values in it, and saving and restarting.  I hope to have addressed that as well.

Very little UI has changed, although the internal FAQ has been enhanced a little, and a whole new FAQ has been put on the web site.  There is also a new community forum area that’s much better than the old SourceForge forums.  In fact, SourceForge is deprecated for everything except bug reports, feature requests, and CVS access to the source.

More information is available at the JBidwatcher 1.0.1 changelog.

  • Windows users can download a Windows executable!  (No installation required, it just runs!)
  • Mac OS X users can download an app.tar.gz.
    Download (it’ll automatically decompress) and double-click the .tar file to extract the Application!
  • You can also download the Java binary for any other platform, including Linux and Solaris.
    Launch with: java -Xmx512m -jar JBidWatcher-1.0.1.jar
  • As always, you can download the source and build it for yourself.

Best of luck with your auctions!

—  Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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