@workon‘ is a brutally simple time tracker; it’s mainly to scratch my own itch, but I’d like to open it up to others.  Twitter has opened up it to 20,000 API calls per hour, which is 19,800 more than I think it’ll need.  🙂  It’s a Rails application, listening to email via IMAP in order to recognize followers, and using the Twitter API in order to listen and send direct messages.

The simplest use is to follow ‘workon‘, wait until it sends you a direct message, then ‘d workon {what I’m doing}’, and ‘d workon done’ to mark the most recent one as finished.  It keeps a page (by default a semi-private URL it direct messages to you, but the user can make it visible by their handle) of currently open tasks, and the time information for recently closed tasks.

Right now it polls for direct messages and new followers once every minute.

I created this because I’ve started contracting recently, and I have to keep track of my time for the first time ever.  Since I’ve always got TwitterFox in my browser, I thought it might be a good way to keep track of my status there.  There will be more features to come; I only started to work on it from Saturday at 3:45am, until Monday at around 3am, and most of Sunday I was ‘active parent’ letting my wife have a day off, but it already does what I’ve described above.

It also has the ability to support Jabber, and I’m thinking about how to improve that cleanly…

If you find it interesting, or want any features, let me know!

—  Morgan Schweers, @cyberfox / @workon

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