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George, WA

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Greetings, (Sorry, technical difficulties…pictures will have to be included later!) So my wife and I are in the midst of a grand adventure, driving across the top of the country. Starting from Seattle, heading to New York, puttering around there for a few days, and heading Beauty and the Beast 2017 trailer We left […]

My response to eBay’s Bid Assistant…

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Greetings,watch full film Moonlight online eBay recently launched their Bid Assistant, which acts similarly to JBidwatcher’s Multisniping feature, except without the sniping. None the less, it’s good to see them adding features JBidwatcher had six years ago. 😉 Being serious for a moment, I’m actually really happy to see them do this. It’s a straightforward […]